Roger Waters - Amused To Death Vinyl (PRE-ORDER)

Roger Waters - Amused To Death Vinyl (PRE-ORDER)

Analogue Prod.

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Amused to Death on LP
(2-LP set) for his third solo album, Roger Waters, former bassist/singer/songwriter and founding member of Pink Floyd, takes listeners on a journey through his mind as he examines how human society has been affected through mass media and particularly television. This complex concept album takes its title from a book by author Neil Postman that also explores and alerts the US to the dangers of the ways the media shapes our lives. In the title track, aliens arrive on Earth after the extinction of humans - finding merely skeletons gathered around TV sets. The alien anthropologists run every imaginable test to try and determine the reason for this "sad demise." Their conclusion? "This species has amused itself to death. Talk about a blockbuster: This is it. a very limited double LP originally released more than 20 years ago, Amused to Death is reborn on 200-gram double LP from Analogue Productions. Amused to Death was mixed by Pink Floyd's producer/engineer James Guthrie. Doug Sax and Guthrie are working together to master the vinyl, to be pressed to perfection by Quality Record Pressings!Amused to Death was originally mixed using QSound, a virtual surround sound, enhancing the spatial feel of the music along with the various sound effects sprinkled throughout the album. The Analogue Productions' reissue will faithfully preserve this three-dimensional experience.

1 The Ballad of Bill Hubbard
2 What God Wants, Part I
3 Perfect Sense, Part I
4 Perfect Sense, Part II
5 The Bravery of Being Out of Range
6 Late Home Tonight, Part I
7 Late Home Tonight, Part II
8 Too Much Rope
9 What God Wants, Part II
10 What God Wants, Part III
11 Watching TV
12 Three Wishes
13 It's a Miracle
14 Amused to Death










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