Re-Flex - The Politics Of Dancing CD (import) (PRE-ORDER)

Re-Flex - The Politics Of Dancing CD (import) (PRE-ORDER)

Cherry Red Records

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Politics Of Dancing [Import]
(Expanded Version, United Kingdom - Import)
Artist: Re-Flex
Format: CD 
LABEL: Cherry Pop
UPC: 5013929439283
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Expected Arrival: December 7, 2018 

Cherry Red are pleased to announce the first ever expanded re-issue of this fabulous example of 1980s pop by Re-Flex. Formed in the early 1980s by musicians John Baxter on vocals and lead guitar and Paul Fishman on keyboards and backing vocals, by late 1982 the band recorded their debut album, "The Politics of Dancing". The album, produced by John Punter of Roxy Music fame was released in 1983 through EMI. The album's title track - 'The Politics Of Dancing' - was released as a single in late 1983 and met with much great success becoming a big international hit in 1984, reaching the Top 40 (and in some cases the Top 20) in numerous countries including No. 28 in the UK, No. 24 in the USA, No. 9 in Canada, No. 25 in Germany and No. 11 in Australia as well as being a success in Switzerland, South Africa, Israel, the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy. Five further singles were released from the album each enjoying varied international success. This expanded 2CD version of the original album release contains a comprehensive selection of extended mixes and B-side bonus tracks many which are appearing on CD for the first time as well as a deluxe 16pp booklet using the fully restored original album artwork.

- Disc 1 -
1 Praying to the Beat
2 Hitline
3 Hurt
4 Couldn't Stand a Day
5 The Politics of Dancing
6 Something About You
7 Pointless
8 Jungle
9 Sensitive
10 Keep in Touch
11 Cruel World (12" Extended Version)
12 The Politics of Dancing (7" Version)
13 Cruel World (7" Spanish Version)

- Disc 2 -
1 Flex-It (B Side of Us 12" Version)
2 The Politics of Dancing (U.S. 7" Single Version)
3 Flex-It (U.S. 7" Single)
4 Hitline (12" Extended Mix)
5 Hurt (U.S. 7" Version)
6 Hurt (U.S. 12" Promo Rubber Dubber Mix)
7 Hurt (U.S. 12" Promo Emotional John Luongo Re-Mix)
8 Hurt (Emotional Pete Smith Re-Mix)
9 Cut It
10 Praying to the Beat (12" Extended Version)
11 Cut It (12" Extended Version)
12 What You Deserve (7" Single Version)











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