Porcupine Tree - Delerium Years: 1991-1993 Vinyl Box Set (Import)

Porcupine Tree - Delerium Years: 1991-1993 Vinyl Box Set (Import)


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Delerium Years: 1991-1993 [Import] on LP

Porcupine Tree - The Delerium Years 1991 - 1993 traces the explosive start of Steven Wilson's career and the band he created, Porcupine Tree. The box set includes the first two Porcupine Tree studio albums, 'On the Sunday of Life... ', and 'Up the Downstair', as well as the 'Staircase Infinities' mini album, the 2 EPs that make up 'Voyage 34: The Complete Trip', and the archival album 'Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape'. But these records aren't just the story of how Wilson had the last laugh when his joke band became a reality. These formative releases also trace how Wilson honed his craft and found his voice as an artist. The LPs (pressed on 180g heavyweight vinyl) have been remastered by Steven Wilson. 'Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape' and 'On the Sunday of Life... ' feature Steven's remasters for the most recent CD editions, which used the original analog tapes for the first time rather than the digital copies made in the early 90's used for all previous editions. The other albums have all been specifically remastered for this set with more naturalistic dynamics and EQ. Additionally 'Voyage 34' uses the full-length version of "Phase IV" as featured on the original 12-inch single release. The deluxe box includes a 'perfect bound' book featuring rare and unseen archival documents and photographs. US journalist Stephen Humphries conducted in-depth interviews with Steven Wilson about his childhood and early creative endeavors for the extensive biographical liner notes. The box, book, and LP packaging has been created by long-term collaborators; photographer Lasse Hoile and designer Carl Glover.








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