POP! Games Overwatch Series 4 6-Pack Bundle (PRE-ORDER)


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Funko POP! Games Overwatch Series 4 6-Pack Bundle: Genji, Doomfist, Hanzo, Torbjorn, Ana and Orisa 6" as stylized POP vinyl from Funko! 

Figures stand 3 3/4 & 6 inches and come in window display boxes.

This is a PRE-ORDER.

Expected Arrival: Fall 2018 


Pop! Games: Overwatch

Keeping the peace on Earth isn’t going to be easy, so you’ll need to gather a well-rounded team of heroes to increase your odds of success. Pop! Vinyl Genji and Doomfist have you covered on offense. Pop! Vinyl Hanzo and Torbjörn are on defense. Pop! Vinyl Ana is watching their backs with her impressive array of support abilities. A 6" Pop! Vinyl Orisa is reporting for tank duty. 





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