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NieR: Bring Arts Kaine Action Figure (PRE-ORDER)
Bring Arts

NieR: Bring Arts Kaine Action Figure (PRE-ORDER)

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NieR: Bring Arts Kaine Action Figure:

A world on the brink of ruin, NIER depicts the daily battles of its eponymous protagonist in this world, and now, Kainé, his dual weapon-wielding female warrior companion, makes her appearance to the Bring Arts action figure line! With details like her bewitching costume's revealing design, the bandages that cover half of her body and the "Shade-possessed" skin peeking from underneath it, her dignified expression, are all recreated in this figure! An abundance of accessories is included, such as her twin blades and an Emil head that can also be used with the NieR: Automata Bring Arts 2B (sold separately). The NieR: Bring Arts Kaine Action Figure stands roughly 6-inches tall, with a display stand included.

UPC: 662248822273

Expected Arrival: September 2018






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