Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend SACD (PRE-ORDER)
Intervention Records

Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend SACD (PRE-ORDER)

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(Bonus Tracks)
Artist: Matthew Sweet
Format: SACD 
ARTIST: Matthew Sweet
LABEL: Intervention Records
UPC: 680270758025
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Expected Arrival: November 16, 2018

15 of the 18 tracks on this Expanded Edition are mastered Direct-to-DSD from the Original Master Tapes by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound. The last three tracks are Matthew Sweet's own demo DAT recordings and therefore mastered to DSD from digital files from the DAT masters. Intervention's amazing new Girlfriend is presented with maximum bass and dynamics. There are big, fat guitar tones and controlled but very expressive bass and a massive soundstage. Girlfriend is not only a 90's classic but an amazingly pure and simply tremendous rock recording!

1 Divine Intervention 05:37
2 I've Been Waiting 03:36
3 Girlfriend 03:40
4 Looking at the Sun 04:17
5 Winona 05:01
6 Evangeline 05:07
7 Day for Night 02:55
8 Thought I Knew You 02:58
9 You Don't Love Me 05:22
10 I Wanted to Tell You 04:31
11 Don't Go 03:26
12 Your Sweet Voice 04:36
13 Does She Talk? 03:27
14 Holy War 03:25
15 Nothing Lasts 03:33
16 Good Friend (Demo) 03:36 Bonus Track
17 Superdeformed (Demo) 04:09 Bonus Track
18 Teenage Female (Demo) 03:54 Bonus Track









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