HUMBLE PIE Up Our Sleeve: Official Bootleg Box Set Vol 3 (PRE-ORDER)

HUMBLE PIE Up Our Sleeve: Official Bootleg Box Set Vol 3 (PRE-ORDER)


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HUmble Pie Up Our Sleeve: Official Bootleg Box Set Vol 3 [Import]
(Boxed Set, United Kingdom - Import)
Artist: Humble Pie
Format: CD 
ARTIST: Humble Pie
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RELEASE DATE: 6/7/2019
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Expected Arrival: June 7, 2019


Humble Pie's "Up Our Sleeve: Official Bootleg Box Set Vol 3" is latest recorded testament to what this band did best; playing bluesy, gutsy, soulful hard rock, live on stage. Drawn from a variety of audience recordings that have previously only been available as "under the counter" pirate releases, this is an honest and raw tribute to a classic and much missed super-group on the 1970s, released in conjunction with Pie founder member and drummer, Jerry Shirley. Originally emerging from the remnants of 1960s beat heroes The Small Faces, Humble Pie formed in 1969 when mercurial guitarist and vocalist Steve Marriott joined forces with The Herd's Peter Frampton, joined by drummer Jerry Shirley and bassist Greg Ridley. After two albums for Andrew Loog Oldham's Immediate label, Humble Pie switched to A&M records, and began their ascent to conquering the theatres and then arenas of North America, culminating in 1972's double live "Performance: Rockin' The Filmore". Peter Frampton left shortly after to pursue a successful solo career, replaced by Clem Clempson. It was this line-up that is captured across these 5 discs.

Spread across CDs 1 & 2, The Pie were promoting their latest studio record "Smokin'" when they hit Gaelic Park, in Riverdale, NY on 22nd August 1972, from which 'Hot 'N' Nasty', 'I Wonder' and their cover of Eddie Cochran's 'C'mon Everybody' were taken. Also featured are 'Hallelujah (I Love Her So)', 'I Don't Need No Doctor', 'Four Day Creep' and 'Rollin' Stone' from the previous year's "Performance: Rockin' The Filmore".

Recorded three days later, CD 3 features a similar set, as well as their take on the Stones 'Honky Tonk Women' plus 'Up Our Sleeve', both of which would feature on 1973's "Eat It".

By the time they hit Boston's Music Hall on 10th April 1973 featured on CD 4, Humble Pie had been joined by the Blackberries, Venetta Fields, Clydie King & Billie Barnum. Promoting the new double LP "Eat It", the set includes band original 'Up Our Sleeve' as well as Pie's take on Ray Charles' 'I Believe to My Soul'. The set is rounded off with 'Twist And Shout'.

This collection is completed on CD 5 with their 25th May 1973 gig at Philadelphia's Spectrum. Again joined by the Blackberries, the set includes a cover of John Lee Hooker's 'Boogie Chillun' and Sly & The Family Stone's 'I Want to Take You Higher'.

This collection features two essays; one from Malcolm Dome based on new interviews with The Pie's Jerry Shirley and a second from renown Pie expert, Iain McGonigal.


- Disc 1 -
1 (I'm a) Road Runner (Soundcheck)
2 Hot 'N' Nasty (Soundcheck)
3 Up Our Sleeve
4 C'mon Everybody
5 Honky Tonk Women
6 Blues Interlude
7 I Wonder

- Disc 2 -
1 Hallelujah (I Love Her So)
2 I Don't Need No Doctor
3 Hot 'N' Nasty
4 Four Day Creep
5 Rollin' Stone

- Disc 3 -
1 Up Our Sleeve
2 C'mon Everybody
3 Honky Tonk Woman
4 Medley: I Wonder /
5 Hallelujah (I Love Her So)
6 I Don't Need No Doctor
7 Hot 'N' Nasty
8 Four Day Creep

- Disc 4 -
1 Up Our Sleeve
2 Four Day Creep
3 C'mon Everybody
4 Honky Tonk Women
5 I Believe to My Soul
6 I Want to Take You Higher / 30 Days in the Hole
7 (I'm a) Road Runner
8 Blues Interlude
9 I Wonder
10 Hallelujah (I Love Her So)
11 I Don't Need No Doctor
12 Hot 'N' Nasty
13 Twist and Shout

- Disc 5 -
1 Up Our Sleeve
2 Four Day Creep
3 C'mon Everybody
4 Boogie Chillun
5 Honky Tonk Women
6 The Blues
7 I Believe to My Soul
8 I Want to Take You Higher
9 30 Days in the Hole
10 (I'm a) Road Runner
11 Hallelujah (I Love Her So)
12 I Don't Need No Doctor





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