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Howard Jones - Human's Lib Box Set Vinyl/CD/DVD (import) (PRE-ORDER)
Cherry Red Records

Howard Jones - Human's Lib Box Set Vinyl/CD/DVD (import) (PRE-ORDER)

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Human's Lib [Import] 
(With DVD, With LP, Boxed Set, Deluxe Edition, With Cassette)
Artist: Howard Jones
Format: CD DVD LP Cassette
ARTIST: Howard Jones
LABEL: Cherry Red
UPC: 5013929106550
PRODUCT ID: CRR9106550.2
WEIGHT: 1.62 lbs

Expected Arrival: December 7, 2018 

Cherry Red Records is both delighted and proud to announce the newly remastered and expanded release of Howard Jones debut album "Human's Lib". Released in March 1984, "Human's Lib" entered the UK Album Charts at No. 1 selling over 100, 000 copies in the first week and spending a total of 57 weeks in the chart whilst achieving Double Platinum status with sales in excess of 600, 000 copies. Four songs from this album were released as singles in the UK, all of which reached the Top 20: 'New Song' peaked at No. 3, 'What Is Love?' at No. 2, 'Hide and Seek' at No. 12, and 'Pearl in the Shell' at No. 7. As well as achieving great success in the UK, "Human's Lib" and the various singles taken from it also enjoyed tremendous success internationally in such countries as USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and throughout most of Europe. With the full involvement of the artist, this prestigious album is being re-issued in four remastered formats and this version has the following Features: The Deluxe Expanded 2cd+DVD Set, 12" Picture Disc Featuring The Steg Original Album Front Cover Artwork, The White Tape Replica Pre-Contract Demo Cassette Containing Remastered Versions Of Four Original Demo Tracks, An Extra Bonus CD Containing Further Previously Unreleased Studio, Live And BBC Session And Remastered Tracks. The Long Deleted Live In Japan Concert Released On DVD For The First Time. A Replica Of The Original Howard Jones Fan Club Risk Membership Card. Human's Lib Artwork Lithograph. Replica Of Human's Lib 1984 Tour Programme. Set Of 5 Button Badges


- Disc 1 -
1 Pearl in the Shell
2 Hide & Seek
3 Hunt the Self
4 New Song
5 Don't Always Look at the Rain
6 Equality
7 Natural
8 Human's Lib
9 China Dance
10 New Song (Portuguese 7" Single Mix)
11 What Is Love? (Rough Mix)
12 Don't Put These Curses on Me (Instrumental)
13 Human's Lib (Farmyard Mix)
14 Pearl in the Shell (Rough Mix)

- Disc 2 -
1 New Song (Mix Take 1)
2 New Song (Alternative 12")
3 What Is Love? (Extended Mix)
4 Hide & Seek (Extended Version)
5 Pearl in the Shell (Us 12" Mix)
6 Conditioning (Original Mix)
7 New Song (New Extended Mix)
8 Hunt the Self (Live at the Marquee)
9 Bounce Right Back (Instrumental)
10 Total Conditioning
11 Law of the Jungle
12 Always Asking Questions (Rough Mix)
13 Equality (Rough Mix)
14 Hide & Seek (Rough Mix)

- Disc 3 -
1 Conditioning (Rehearsal at the Gordon Arms High Wycombe)
2 Human's Lib (Rehearsal at the Gordon Arms High Wycombe)
3 Equality (Rehearsal at the Gordon Arms High Wycombe)
4 Risk (Living Room Demo)
5 Dreams of a Better Place (Living Room Demo)
6 Love? (Living Room Demo)
7 Always Asking Questions (Promo Video)
8 New Song (Top of the Pops Broadcast 22nd September 1983)
9 What Is Love? (Top of the Pops Broadcast 8Thdecember 1983)
10 What Is Love? (Oxford Road Show Broadcast on 6th January 1984)
11 Hide and Seek (Live)(Top of the Pops Broadcast 8th March 1984)
12 Equality (Old Grey Whistle Testbroadcast 9th March 1984)
13 Don't Always Look at the Rain (Old Grey Whistle Test Broadcast 9th March 1984)
14 Pearl in the Shell (Top of the Pops Broadcast 7th June 1984)
15 New Song
16 What Is Love?
17 Hide and Seek
18 Pearl in the Shell
19 Like to Get to Know You Well (London Version)

- Disc 4 -
1 Conditioning
2 What Is Love?
3 Pearl in the Shell
4 Hide & Seek
5 Hunt the Self
6 New Song
7 Don't Always Look at the Rain
8 Equality
9 Natural
10 Human's Lib

- Disc 5 -
1 New Song (New Farmyard Mix)
2 Always Asking Questions (Farmyard Mix)
3 Equality (Farmyard Mix)
4 New Song (New Version)
5 Love? (Early Version of What Is Love?)
6 Tao Te Ching
7 Change the Man
8 Bounce Right Back (Live at the Marquee)
9 New Song (Extended)
10 It Just Doesn't Matter
11 Don't Always Look at the Rain (Rough Mix)
12 New Song (New Mix Version 2)
13 Don't Put These Curses on Me -Kid Jensen BBC Sessions
14 Natural -Kid Jensen BBC Sessions
15 New Song -Kid Jensen BBC Sessions
16 Human's Lib -Kid Jensen BBC Sessions

- Disc 6 -
1 Human's Lib
2 Love?
3 Risk
4 Always Asking Questions

- Disc 7 -
1 New Song
2 Tao Te Ching
3 Hunt the Self
4 Pearl in the Shell
5 Bounce Right Back
6 Hide & Seek
7 Always Asking Questions
8 Dreams of a Better Place
9 Like to Get to Know You Well
10 Equality
11 Natural
12 Conditioning
13 Don't Always Look at the Rain
14 What Is Love?












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