Malko Funko Pop! Protector Case - 10-Pack

Malko Funko Pop! Protector Case - 10-Pack

Malko Protectors

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If you are a Funko POP! Vinyl Collector you need MALKO Pop! Protectors. These protectors will not only keep the box in mint condition but will also let you display your collection in a clean, clear way. As you know the value of an item is determined by rarity and the condition. Malko Pop Protectors are custom made for the Vinyl Funko Pop! 4" figure boxes.Handle the pops easier and stack them without crushing the cardboard boxes.



FITS ALL 4" POP!s - Extra thick 0.35 mm PET clear plastic that will allow to stack and display your rare exclusive or favorite character in their original packaging without worrying about any box damage. Fits all Pop figures such as Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel to name a few.

PROTECTIVE FILM - Each one is individually wrapped with its own protective film to prevent damage or scratches.

THEY LOCK - The top lid has an extra tab to make sure it locks into place.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE - Shipped flat requires you to unfold them into the proper shape