Rockfile's Reserve

Rockfile Reserve Program

I know sometimes putting down a lot of money on a pre-order is hard so I am going to meet you half-way.

Rockfile's Reserve

For orders of $40 or more (including shipping), just let me know if you want to reserve it. You can put down whatever you want, as long as it's at least half, and then pay the rest when the order is ready to ship. Simple!

It's less $ up front for you but still assures me that you want the items. Fair, right?

How it works: I generate a Paypal invoice for the full amount but it will accept any amount that is at least half the total. When the items arrive and are ready to ship, I send an "invoice reminder" message. When the balance is paid, I ship.

Most who have tried it went ahead and paid it off early but the option to wait is there.

So, I am offering this to you now on any Collectible pre-orders. (I hope to add it to other things but this is where we will start.)

For now, there is no fee for doing this. Your invoice is the full pre-order amount plus estimated shipping. Nothing added.


If you want to activate Rockfile's Reserve, just send me a message:

Let me know what you want to reserve and your email address, I will take care of the rest. 

Doing things a little differently if it helps you out, my goal is to make your day.

Thank you for your support!

~Scott #rockfile