Rockfile Radio 6th Anniversary

In 2012, I left FM radio to start my own internet radio stations focused on new rock.
Six years later, I am proud to have commissioned this amazing design for our Anniversary merch. 

I wanted to do a concert-like T-shirt. So I found an artist I liked and told him some basic details: The progressive station ICE uses space imagery, make that the top half. Flames below for the hard rock station, FIRE. Put the logo in the middle and get creative. That’s it.

And this is what I got! My interpretation is that it’s a musical traveler passing between the two worlds of the stations, representing the pioneering spirit of independent rock radio. (Since it’s in a guitar headstock.) Or something like that.

I hope you love the art as much as I do. 

Rockfile Radio's 6th Anniversary

All profits help fund Rockfile Media, LLC including monthly music licensing and streaming fees for the Rockfile Radio stations. 

Thank you for six years of support,

I wouldn't still be here without you.

~Scott #rockfile

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