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After fast food in high school, I found jobs in music and video stores while doing college radio for free. Ever since, I’ve wanted to run my very own shop. A place that carried the kind of stuff I was in to but is also comfortable and “cool” enough that you would want to hang out in it.

That is the dream and this is the first step: the online “virtual” version of what we are calling Rockfile Retail...the site is http://Rockfile.Rocks

Rockfile was my fraternity nickname in college. “.rocks” was available and this idea was born.

Rockfile.Rocks is a headquarters for music, movies, games, collectibles...pop culture in general. We are a fully licensed retailer of brand name items from various distributors and companies. (A full list is coming soon!)

Pre-orders will have a 14-30 day window. (Or until we run out of our allotment.) We encourage you to take advantage of the pre-orders deals, they will save you money but vanish quickly.

In the rising popularity of online shopping, we think service is how you set yourself apart. With Rockfile.Rocks, you have one guy to deal with, the owner...Me.

I’ve been in the media more than three decades and in retail on and off during that time, always working for others. From growing band fan bases to helping small business, now I have my own platform to do that full time.

Since I cannot answer questions 24 hours a day, I promise I will answer everything 8am-6pm eastern Monday through Friday. Outside of that will have to wait for the next business day. All messages will be answered in the order received, every single one.

But during that time, I’m in the shop. Questions, comments, suggestions, special orders...I look forward to serving you during our regular business hours.

We will also support independent artists and creators, carrying their work and merch to build their visibility by making it easy for others to discover them. Contact us to get your stuff in the shop.

We have clubs to join that will save you money, Gamer Club, Movie Club, Music Club and Collector's Club. Each club will get 10-15% off items in that genre, all the time. Bonus discounts will be awarded on birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Special unique alerts for sales, pre-orders and group buys. Free goodies and much more. Each Club is $10 per year. (Or 2 for $18, 3 for $24 or all four for $30. That’s $30 a year to get 10-15% on everything all the time.) (Some sale merchandise may be excluded but it won’t be much, promise!)

The plan is to be a different kind of online shop, let us know how we can serve you better.

Scott aka Rockfile

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