Our First Birthday Celebration

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Time to celebrate!

  • the 1st Birthday of Rockfile Retail
  • the 7th year of Rockfile Radio
  • my 34th year in radio


Look for these specials and features like these all month long:

  • Movie Music Mondays: sales
  • Two-fer Tuesdays: Buy 1 Get 1 Free sales
  • Wild Wednesdays: “crazy” sales 
  • Thrilling Thursdays: 1-hour Flash sales 
  • Funko Fridays: sales and giveaways

and much more! Watch our Facebook Page each day for a new event!

End March 31st!


The Rockfile 2019 Anniversary Design

I asked my friend to design something that makes me (the shop, the stations) look cool and this is what he came up with. 

It feels a bit narcissistic to profit from the sale of my face so I'm giving 75% of the money to St Jude Children's Research Hospital. The rest (25%) will go toward streaming costs for Rockfile Radio, getting artists paid through ASCAP/BMI/etc. 

You'll be helping kids and the artists that are keeping rock alive.

Thank you for your support!

and thank you to ArmStrangers for the brilliant design!

These items are custom printed on demand when you order, most will arrive in 1-2 weeks or less.  2-sided shirts either have Rockfile Radio (radio) on the front or me (rockfile).


View the collection HERE


Thank you for your support during the first year, it only gets bigger and better from here!



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